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Last updated: 14. June 2024
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Our rating: 9.9
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Easy one-time set-up of boundary wire, charging station and robot mower with fully comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Installation of an additional guide wire is not required. The charging station can not be fitted in the corner of the lawn. Please allow 1m of boundary wire at the front and the back of the charging station.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Once set up, the LawnMaster L10 operates automatically and can be set to mow each day, or every other day depending on your lawn size, without the need for an app. It will charge itself and is so quiet you might even forget it's there.
  • SOLID & RELIABLE - The LawnMaster L10 robotic lawn mower is from a brand you can trust. The L10 is tough, durable, IPX5 rated to be fully waterproof and comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEIGHT: Choose from cutting heights of between 20mm and 60mm for a neat looking lawn. For best performance and to encourage healthy lawn growth use 60mm for longer grass and after regular mowing, gradually reduce the cutting height to your desired length.
  • HIGH PERFORMING - The L10's mulching function returns tiny grass clippings and nutrients to the lawn, so your grass will look healthier, weeds will struggle to grow and there are no grass cuttings to dispose of. Navigates slopes of up to 35% (19°) inside the boundary area, and up to 17% (10°) at the boundary wire.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY - Lift, tilt & bump sensors stop the blades immediately if the mower is picked up or bumps into objects and it has PIN code protection to prevent unauthorised use.
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: Buy with the confidence of knowing that your new LawnMaster robot mower and battery comes with a two-year guarantee and UK based customer support team.
  • LAWNMASTER BY CLEVA - We use the latest processes and highest engineering standards to create powerful products inspired by your needs - at home or in your workplace. The result is a wide range of products with exceptional output and durability.
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Our rating: 9.8
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  • Our robotic lawnmower has rechargeable lithium-ion technology: Automatically returns itself to the charging station when battery is low.
  • Comes with 7 adjustable cutting heights and 4 cutting patterns: Get the perfect finish on your lawn.
  • The robot lawn mower has 180mm cutting width: Designed for small to medium gardens up to 625m2.
  • Self-mulching: Drops grass clippings back to the lawn acting for healthier, greener grass
  • For your peace of mind our robotic lawn mowers comes with 2 year Hyundai warranty and full UK after sales team.
Our rating: 9.7
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  • Intelligent AIA Technology - The Worx Landroid WR141E Robot Lawn Mower is equipped with advanced AIA technology. This smart feature allows the mower to cut your lawn 30% faster than other robot mowers and prevents wearing of the lawn edges with its unique turning pattern.
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights - The Worx Landroid WR141E Robot Lawn Mower offers flexible cutting height adjustments ranging from 20-50mm. This allows you to choose the optimal cutting height for all grass conditions, ensuring a neat and tidy lawn.
  • Remote Control via App - The Worx Landroid WR141E Robot Lawn Mower is pre-programmed with a schedule that suits your size of lawn. However, it can be easily adjusted on the machine or via the App on your phone, from anywhere. This gives you the ultimate control over your lawn mowing schedule, even when you're not at home.
  • Complete Package - The Worx Landroid WR141E Robot Lawn Mower comes with all the cables, wire, and pegs you need for your size of lawn, making it a plug and play device that requires no additional purchases.
  • Ideal for Medium Gardens - This model is specifically designed for large gardens up to 500m2, ensuring efficient and effective mowing for your specific lawn size.
Our rating: 9.6
  • NO BOUNDARY WIRE NEEDED: uses a grass recognition camera and ultrasonic sensors to mow the lawn without the need for a boundary wire, outdoor power socket or app. For use on small lawns up to 100m2 surrounded by hard borders such as gravel, paving, decking, or raised edges such as sleepers and fences. Not suitable for gardens with overhanging plants, undefined flower borders or edges with a drop off. Adjustment of lawn borders may be required. See instructional video for more information.
  • DROP AND MOW: No need for an outdoor power socket. Simply charge the detachable lithium-ion battery in the 1 hour fast charger provided and put the mower on the lawn once or twice a week during the day time in dry weather. It will mow in a random pattern for up to 4 hours* and drop small clippings on the lawn to feed the grass.
  • SPOT CUT FUNCTION: for a neat finish, use the additional spiral spot cut function on any uncut grass.
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEIGHT: Choose from cutting heights of between 20mm and 60mm for a neat looking lawn. For best performance and to encourage healthy lawn growth use 60mm for longer grass and after regular mowing, gradually reduce the cutting height to your desired length.
  • SAFETY: Using the camera and ultrasonic sensors the mower detects and avoids obstacles such as garden furniture. A child safety key prevents unauthorised use, and sensors stop the blade when the mower is lifted.
  • PART OF THE MX 24V SHARED BATTERY SYSTEM: Expand your cordless garden power tool collection in a cost effective and environmentally-conscious way with LawnMaster. Every MX 24V 4.0Ah battery and charger is fully compatible with the LawnMaster MX 24V cordless range, including lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, chainsaws and leaf blowers. This means that you don’t need to buy a new battery and charger every time you buy a new LawnMaster garden power tool.
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: Buy with the confidence of knowing that your new LawnMaster robot mower and battery comes with a two-year guarantee and UK based customer support team.
  • LAWNMASTER BY CLEVA – We apply the latest processes and highest standards of engineering to our motor technology, product design and build. The result is a wide range of high-quality products with exceptional performance and durability. Manufacturer of over 65 million appliances sold worldwide.
  • A clearly defined edge around the full perimeter of your lawn is required to prevent the mower leaving the grass. Adjustment of the lawn edges may be required. As with other robot mowers a grass trimmer is needed to trim the lawn edges.
Our rating: 9.5
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  • 【Wire-Free Boundary setting method】Say goodbye to the traditional manual boundary installation with the Wire-Free Boundary setting method. Replace the electronic wires with beacon signal, and complete the Wire-Free Boundary setting for a standard garden with one-click on the APP, which improves the boundary setting efficiency with more stable signal transmission and stronger anti-interference capability.
  • 【TrueMapping Multi-fusion Localization System】integrated Dual vision solution (panoramic camera+fisheye camera) with technologies of ultra-wideband wireless carrier wave communication, inertial nagivation, and GPS localization. The signal transmission is more stable than pure RTK localization technology. With TrueMapping system, Goat performs perfect uniform stripe by logical cutting and brings a highly efficient mowing experience.
  • 【AIVI 3D intelligent obstacle avoidance technology】The first innovated 3D intelligent obstacle avoidance technology in robotic lawn mower industry, combined with visual sensor and ToF sensor to avoid obstacles to realize intelligent recognition and strategic avoidance. When detecting human, GOAT will automatically pause its spinning blades, which ensures a safer and smoother mowing experience compared with traditional obstacle avoidance methods such as by bumper or ultrasonic sensor.
  • 【Up to 16 Zones Management】With the ECOVACS app, you can take full control of your garden. Customize up to 16 areas with unique names, merge or split them with ease, and direct the mower to specific areas with a click. You can also set No-entry zones and choose from different mowing modes (automatic/manual/area mode) to adapt to any changes in your garden. Plus, intelligent recommendation of mowing schedules takes care of the hassle of manually arranging lawn mowing work.
  • 【Smart Garden Keeper】helps to protect your yard via the App. Dual vision solution (panoramic camera + fisheye camera) incarnates as a video manager to conduct the multi-spot guarding task. The APP obtains real-time garden dynamics and ensures the safety of your garden all day long. The full-link user privacy and security certification issued by TÜV Rheinland escorts personal information security. Please note that GOAT needs to operate in an environment with a strong WIFI signal.
  • 【Product Worry-free Service】 ECOVACS provides a 3-year warranty for GOAT and a 2-year warranty for the battery. In addition, our friendly and professional local contact center is equipped to address any issues you may encounter promptly.
Our rating: 9.5
£579.99 (4% OFF)
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  • Ideal for smaller gardens, the EasiLife 150 GO is a compact robotic lawn mower that automatically cuts up to 150m2 so you don’t have to – giving you a tidy lawn with zero effort.
  • Mowing every corner of the lawn, the EasiLife 150 GO is packed with functions to suit your lifestyle and can automatically adapt its schedule based on the weather through LawnSense and FrostSense,
  • No screens or complex programming, the LED indicators guide you for quick and easy control, with the Bluetooth app giving you full access to the robotic mowers extended settings allowing you the set schedules and trouble shoot from the comfort of your home.
  • Ultra quiet mowing at 58dB(A) means that you won’t disturb you or your neighbours when your robotic is mowing, allowing you to keep to a regular mowing schedule for a healthy greener lawn.
  • The Intelligent guide wire allows for programmable start points for multiple cutting areas of lawn and efficiently guides the mower home without leading tracks. The PassageSense function also allows for the robotic mower to cut and navigate through narrow passages.
Our rating: 9.4
£898.00 (14% OFF)
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  • Systematic and fast: LogiCut technology maps the lawn and enables mowing in efficient parallel lines, freeing up your lawn sooner
  • SmartMowing: Indego S+ 500 analyses your garden, local weather and personal preferences to optimise the mowing schedule for your lawn
  • Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control Indego and IFTTT to connect Indego to other smart devices within your home
  • BorderCut for neat edges: Indego starts each full mowing session with a BorderCut, ensuring a tidy finish.
  • Narrow passage management: Suitable for corridors as small as 75 cm wide between the wires (without needing a guidance wire)
  • Scope of supply: Indego S+ 500, battery 18V 2.5 Ah, docking station and fixing screws, 7 m power supply unit, 150 m perimeter wire, wire connector, 200 fixing pegs, carton packaging
Our rating: 9.3
  • 【Effortless Precision Mowing】robotic lawnmower has developed an intelligent algorithm in multifusion of various sensors that optimizes an efficient mowing schedule and guarantees coverage of the next level. It mows up to 1615 Sq.Ft per hour and is suitable for several areas up to 1/4 acre. Mowing twice a week, you always enjoy a stunning lawn
  • 【Automatic Recharge & Re-Mowing】Powered by a 4400mAh LI-Ion battery, this robot mower can mow up to 3230 Sq.Ft per charge. When the battery is low, it automatically recharges and resumes cutting exactly where it left off, ensuring continuous coverage of your lawn without interruptions
  • 【Perfect lawn care with APP control】Once the boundary wire is well laid, you can easily control everything from your smartphone. Plan the mowing schedule, adjust the cutting modes and customize the mowing specifications to suit your needs. robotic lawn mower will be a reliable gardener that will ensure that your lawn always looks its best
  • 【Maximum safety】Integrating multiple sensors, such as lift, tilt and rain sensors, together with IMU navigation system and high-precision GPS positioning system, robot lawn mower ensures that your lawn care is hassle-free and risk-free, thus it has strong adaptability to complex terrain
  • 【Easy Maintenance】Even heavy rains and water jets do not bother lawn mower robot thanks to IPX5 waterproofing, so it can be easily hosed down with a garden hose. Nevertheless, the robotic lawnmower has a rain sensor, so if desired, it stops working when it starts raining
Our rating: 9.2
  • Our lawn mowing robots are equipped with smart software that can control the basic operations of the wheels, move forward and backward, turn left and right, etc. It can automatically adjust according to different cutting modes to achieve the best mowing effect. And, you can set the schedule according to your convenience, and the robot will operate accordingly.
  • With built-in ultrasonic sensors, our robot can detect and avoid obstacles in its path, ensuring it can safely maneuver around objects while mowing. Additionally, the Safe Blade Control feature ensures that the robot stops immediately when it detects a person or animal nearby.
  • Our intelligent automatic lawn mower robot is equipped with an electronic fence, which can be connected with a control line to effectively control the cutting range. And, the intelligent safety detection function can estimate whether the circuit is overloaded. If overload is detected, it will automatically shut down to protect the internal circuit.
  • If the battery runs low, the robot automatically returns to charging mode, so you don't have to worry about manually handling the charging process. Additionally, when it starts to rain, our robot automatically returns to its charging unit to keep it safe and prevent any damage.
  • You can control the robot remotely using our app via WiFi. This allows you to guide the robot's cutting path, avoid obstacles, and turn the system on and off. Our smart autonomous lawn mower robot is easy to use, efficient and will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to lawn maintenance.
Our rating: 9.1
  • 【APP wifi remote control function】Through the APP wifi remote control command, other functions such as directional walking and mowing, obstacle avoidance, switching, etc. can be realized.
  • 【Safe Control of Blades】After entering the mowing area, start adjusting the blade to cut. When someone or an animal approaches the blade, the robotic lawnmower will automatically stop.
  • 【Preset working hours and break times】Robotic lawnmowers can set working hours and rest times in advance.
  • 【Anti-theft password】Users can set an anti-theft password for the robot lawn mower to prevent loss.
  • 【Automatic obstacle avoidance】The built-in automatic ultrasonic sensor detects obstacles ahead and automatically avoids collisions.

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